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Percussion Ensemble

November 28, 2016 - 7:30 PM
Belk Theater, Robinson Hall

The UNC Charlotte Percussion Ensemble performs under the direction of Rick Dior.

Tickets are $8.

Escape Velocity   Dave Hall
Passage    Lynn Glassock
Concerto for Vibraphone and Percussion Ensemble   Ney Rosauro
Atenteben   Bob Becker

Program Notes

Escape Velocity was composed in the spring of 2008. It is a complex and difficult composition for four percussionists performing within multi-percussion setups. The content is inspired by the music of Bela Bartok as well as “drum ‘n’ bass” artists like Venetian Snares and Aphex Twin.

Passage is a composition for mallet percussion featuring four marimbas and two vibraphones. After a choral-like opening the piece progresses to the main theme presented over a pulsating bass marimba rhythm. This theme is then given a variety of rhythmic and harmonic treatments. Odd time signatures are employed as well as a complex fugue featuring polyrhythmic action between the performers. 

Since its publication in 1996 Ney Rosauro’s Vibraphone Concerto has become a favorite of performers and audiences alike. Rosauro’s lyrical composition style and rhythmic Brazilian musical flavor make his pieces very enjoyable to listen to and fun to perform. As in most concertos the work is presented in three contrasting movements varying in tempo and style. Several solo cadenzas throughout each movement give the performer room to stretch out and show off their technical and musical skills. The composition includes elements of ethnic, jazz, classical and popular music creating a rich tonal and rhythmic landscape. In each movement the soloist is called upon to perform difficult left hand ostinatos while playing thematic content with the right hand similar to piano performance techniques. The concerto is dedicated to Ney Rosauro’s friend and fellow percussionist, Evelyn Glennie. 

Bob Becker’s Atenteben is based on music performed by the Atentben flute ensembles of Ghana. The rhythmic patterns played by the cowbells (gankoqui) and hand drums are loosely based on rhythms found in the traditional Ewe dance musics agbekor and gahu as well as the urban popular music kpanlogo.